Cannot import .vcf file exported from eMClient - cannot export Contacts to .csv

I wanted to export my Contacts on eMClient on one computer to another computer using eMClient. Both versions of eMClient are 7.0.27943.0. I can export contacts to .vcf, but when I go to import the contacts on the other eMClient, I choose File\Import\Import contacts from vCard (.vcf), eMClient does not see the file when I navigate to the folder containing the .vcf file.

Also, when trying to export my contacts in eMClient to .csv, I am supposed to be able to select all my contacts, then right click and choose export, export to .csv, but I have no export option at all. I have no way to export to .csv.

Are these issues both bugs in the version I am using? I verified I was on the latest version both using the Help\Check for Update, and referring to this link: Both state I am on the latest version.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance for any assistance.

First off, I still cannot export to .csv, so I am hoping to get some feedback on that.

As an update on importing .vcf. I played with this some more and got it to work. It was not completely clear what I needed to do, which is why at first I did not think it was working.

  1. When importing, choose File\Import\Import contacts from vCard (.vcf), then hit next.

  2. Select the FOLDER you want to import from (this is where the confusion came in). I selected the folder which contained my exported .vcf file. When I chose the directory, I expected to see the .vcf file in that directory, but the file is not listed. I went ahead and just made sure the FOLDER was selected, then hit the Select Folder button.

  3. On the next screen I made sure the correct folder was selected where I wanted the contacts imported to, then hit Finish. The contacts I had exported to .vcf all imported correctly.

Hope this helps others.

Hello EvilPeppard,

Thank you for describing the situation with importing .vcf and for sharing the answer to your question.

When it comes to export to .csv, it can only be done in the list view (not in the contact view). Select the contacts that you’d like to export -> right-click -> Export List -> Export to CSV. This exports the content of the columns that are displayed in the list view. To choose which columns you’d like to display, right-click the column names and choose ‘Columns Configuration…’


Thank you for getting back to me. I see now what you are saying regarding export to .CSV.

For others wondering, you need to click on Contacts, then change the view to Custom View, which put the view in ‘list view’, as Maurice stated. You then select the contacts you want, right click, and now you will have a new menu item: Export List.

Export List will give you the option to export to .csv or .html.

Hope this helps others.