Cannot import tasks from Thunderbird/Lightning into eM client ("sourceTimeZone" problem)

Dear all,

in order to test eM client’s free version (to possibly go PRO) I (thought I’d) imported all data from Thunderbird and the according Lightning plug-in calender. I couldn’t properly import the calender, but found the solution for that.
Now I am stuck with the import of all my TASKS I had generated in Thunderbird. When trying to import the selected folders “tasks” (showing up as fields to click “kerstin” and “private” tasks) all I get is the info:
“Kind property of dateTime is Utc but the source TimeZone does not equal TimeZoneInfo.Utc”

I kept googling the problem and all Ican ASSUME is that it has sth to do with settings for daylight savings time in the original Thunderbird TASKS and/ or CALENDER settings???

Anybody knows help? (PS Pls note: I am rather an amateur…just fyi).

Thanks a million,

how did you import the data did you use the Thunderbird import in eM Client or did you export the files from Thunderbird and imported the data afterwards?
I’m unable to replicate the issue, for successfully doing so we could use the calendar data.

Could you please go to your local folder, Local Disk > Users > your username > App Data > Roaming > Thunderbird > Profiles > (here should be one folder), and locate a folder called “calendar-data”
could you please archive that folder and send it to my email [email protected]?

Please note the folder “App Data” is hidden so for seeing it you need to go to View and check “Hidden items” to see it.

If the instructions are not clear, check back with me, thank you,