Cannot import pst file - all senders are "[email protected]"

Tried switching to em client, but it cannot import my old messages from a pst I exported from Outlook. Every single message has an error and only shows “[email protected]” for the sender. Every other part of every message appears to be intact.

Running the latest version (9.2.2054) on two different PCs. Both PCs are running up-to-date Win12Pro. Outlook works fine on both and displays the correct sender for every message.

What am I missing? Is this disabled in my trial license? Or is the app just broken. Need to know before I buy two licenses.

This is because the email address in the export has some error so can’t be displayed.

Rather than exporting to a pst first, why not try import directly from MS Outlook using Menu > File > Import > Microsoft Outlook?

Or, if these messages are synced with your email provider, you don’t need to import them at all. Just add the same account to eM Client, and they will sync directly from the server.

The emails were imported into Outlook and synced to my Exchange server. Then I connected eM Client to that account. They show up just fine in Outlook and OWA and on my phone in the Outlook app. It is only eM Client that cannot display the info

Yes, if the email addresses are not correctly formatted, we display them as nobody@

How are they not formatted correctly? They show up just fine in Outlook and OWA on multiple computers and on my phone in the built-in mail app as well as the MS Outlook app.

It is only eM Client that cannot display the info.

Is there a way to fix it? It is over 30k emails, so can’t exactly be done by hand.

May have found something. Not sure why it works, but I exported ~1,500 messages using Outlook to a new pst file. If I take the new pst and re-import it using Outlook, eM Client still has issues.
But with that same pst file, if I use eM Client to do the import, then everything shows up correctly.

Now I just have to delete and re-import 130k+ messages.