Cannot import contacts from Windows Live Mail 2012

I’m new to eMC and am familiarizing myself with it.  I’ve twice attempted to import my contacts from WLM but the import doesn’t work for me.  I’ve checked past conversations and see comments that a release was planned that would solve problems similar to this one.  Has that release occurred?  Or do you have any suggestions?  Also, I haven’t been able find a way to empty the trash file and assume that can be done.  Thank you.

One option is to export the contacts from WLM, and then import into eM Client that way.

You can empty the Trash by right-click on the folder and choosing Empty Trash. You can also set it to empty on exit in Menu > Tools > Settings > General.

Hope that helps.

dragged and dropped mine in

Unfortunately the export function in WLM 2012 doesn’t have the option to export contacts, only mail files.

you can export contacts from WLM into CSV or VCF files. Those can be then easily imported into eM Client through Menu>File>Import options.
Please find steps to export Contacts from WLM of Microsofts’ support site -…
Just scroll down to the “To export contacts from Windows Live Mail” instructions.

Drag and drop is a good method but I couldn’t drag it because I was unable to find the contacts the data set.

save contacts to a folder on your desktop, save as csv files.  highlight them all then drag into contacts pane, worked for me

Thanks for the suggestion; however that solution was written for Windows 7 and I’m not sure of what level of WLM .  I’m using Win 10 and WLM 12.  When attempting to follow the instructions with my PC  the export function is within the File command on the ribbon and it  does not provide the ability (as far as I can see) to export the contacts file, only the email files.

i am running win 10 and it worked fine for me

Thanks for your help, I’ve resolved the problem

Good, how did you end up Doing it

The reason I’d been having trouble doing this is that the Windows support instructions fail to mention an important step.  When you bring up WLM and click on contacts the next step in their instructions is to go to the ribbon and select export.  If you look at the ribbon at that point there is no “export” visible.  So I clicked on “file” and which has an export option but it only provides the ability to export emails and not contacts.
The missing step which I eventually discovered was that after you click on contacts you must first click on HOME, and in doing that you will find export and import for contacts on the ribbon.  I had never noticed them in the past inasmuch as I never had a need to do those operations.