Cannot Import Contacts from iCloud

Cannot import iCloud contacts. I operate on Windows 7 and am transferring to eM Client from Outlook 2007. My contacts are in iCloud and I have been accessing them through Outlook. I cannot figure out how to import them from iCloud. Import does not even work with respect to the separate group of contacts that are in Outlook. I want to use eM Client and pay the cost of the licence but if I cannot import Contacts it is a real problem.

Open eM Client - Tools - Accounts - New account - Contacts - iCloud and set your iCloud account. It should work without any problems.

I’m testing eM and encounter the same difficulties. Merging from WIN 8.1 using Outlook wirh calendar and contacts in Cloud to eM. Calender syncs in both directions. Contacts only sync from iCloud to eM client (not very useful) but not from changes or new contacts in eM to iCloud. Any turnaround, because this is the main basic feature for me?

Hi Bernd,
I tried to replicate your issue and my Contacts for iCloud account sync correctly both ways. Are all your contacts in the correct Contacts folder?