Cannot get GMail to work

My gmail account works fine on my phone and in other email clients, such as Windows Live Mail. IMap is enabled on the gmail account. Permissions were properly given to access gmail.

In eM Client, I have set it up (twice) and all I get is the red triangle of death on the account’s header. When I initially set this up a few weeks ago, everything worked fine. The red triangle started showing up a few days ago and now it is on constantly.

IMAP:, port 993, Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Port 993 and SSL is what I used on Windows Live Mail (2012) and that still works fine.

Anyone know why eM Client cannot connect to GMail?



OMG I figured it out. I turned on Avast VPN a few days ago and that blocks GMail (apparently).

I turned off the VPN and BOOM Gmail works fine.

Go figure …

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