Cannot get gmail email folder to show... help please

Cannot get my emails for Gmail to work. Contacts have come across but I get an error message for my emails, can’t even see the folder… help!

Hello… I really need some URGENT help with this please… if I can’t get this working, i’m going to have to uninstall EM Client and try something else…

Do you use any firewall or antivirus? Try to set an exception for eM Client and let me know if it helps.

I set an exception for both Windows Firewall and AVG Antivirus for EM client and neither of these have helped.

When I try to “fix” the issue it’s the “Imap” that fails.

Could this have anything to do with my internet service provider? The strange part is, I can see all my Gmail contacts…so it HAS accessed my account, just won’t connect to my mail.

In that case please check again your IMAP settings - there must be something wrong.