Cannot figure out how to setup sync

Here is what I did:

  1. Imported clients from my local program
  2. Setup email accounts
  3. added some calendar items
  4. Tested while running previous software - running both.
  5. Set Fruux account for syncing
  6. Now have an empty fruux calendar and contacts and a full local contacts and calendar. Still no syncing.

How do I sync my contacts and calendar? I do not want to maintain two sets of stuff. I want my stuff synced with whatever service I choose.

Is there any instructions anywhere about how to do this? I can’t find it.

Local Folders are not synced, so those items exist only on your computer.

To sync items with Fruxx, you need to save them in the Fruxx calendar or contact folders when creating them.

Existing items can be moved from local folders to Fruxx folders.

OK. I selected and copied all my contacts, and that got them to Fruxx. Not sure what to do to move calendar items. There is no select all. Copy folder exists, but no idea what it might do. Move folder… is greyed out. How would I move the items in one calendar to another calendar.

I have another issue, will start another thread.