Cannot enter registration code due to error

I cannot load the free license code to activate the software. When I tried, put a csc.exe error pops up. My trial time runs out in 3 days. Would it best to remove em client from the computer and than reload it? Thanks for any suggestions. John

Hi, try to reinstall it with version which has been released today…

I installed v6.0. When I try to Activated the license code, I get the (0x0000142) Error I haven’t seen the csc.exe error for a while now. Thanks again.

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Cannot get free license by clicking on green button.

I’m trying to get a free license. I read the terms about 3 times. Each time I go back and click on the green button to GET FREE LICENSE, it keeps saying “You must accept terms of use”

Hi, please follow answer from user “Thealex” on this link… it should help you.