Cannot edit task scheduler for backup

I am trying to finish installation of em client pro 9 on a new PC.

I need to change the default backup time and select "wake computer to run this task”.

Using task scheduler, I make the changes then click OK.

I receive the following message: An error has occurred for task em client database backup (S-1-5-21-4231364517-2675252918-3667284444-1001) . Error message: One or more of the specified arguments are not valid.

As an experiment I tried double clicking the task, without making changes. After clicking OK I get the same error.

I tried the same test one the other 6 tasks in the library. All 6 allowed me to open the task, then click OK to close. No problems.

With the em client backup task, I cannot open, then close, with OK. I have to click cancel.

There is something wrong with this task. Task scheduler does not like it, and It prevents me from making any changes to this task.

The task itself seems to be fine. A database backup just completed on the default schedule.

I am also using em client on my laptop.

I opened task scheduler, double clicked, em client backup task, clicked OK, and it closed fine. I made edits to the task and it still closed fine.

On my desktop, I cannot even open and close the task without the error. This problem prevents me from editing the em client backup task.

More troubleshooting-

My user account has admin privileges, but I tried logging in using a local admin account I set up. I can open and close other library tasks without issue. But the eM Client back task still has an error when clicking OK.

I opened a command line as administrator and ran sfc /scannow. No issues. Did not fix problem.

I checked “Actions” for any syntax errors. It looks good.

The added argument: “/dbbackup –backup –silence” exactly matches the Add Arguments on my laptop.

The task error continues.

In eM Client disable the periodic backup and click on Save & Close.

Open Task Scheduler and remove the eM Client task, because there is some error in an argument you have edited.

Back in eM Client, enable periodic backup again and click on Save & Close.

That will create a working entry in Task Scheduler.

Your recommendation is very logical, but did not work.

When clicking save & close to enable backups, It gave me a new error message-
"failed to create backup task due to error: (22,8):UserId:

When I re-check the backup settings, enable is selected, despite the error message.

when I check the task scheduler, it now shows the task status as “disabled”. The Trigger still shows “enabled”. And the backup time changed from 8:49am to 1:52pm.

I still cannot open and close the task without the error message. The task is now disabled and I have no way to edit it. This was a backwards step. :frowning:

Well, you can just delete the task in Task Scheduler.

Then enable it again in eM Client and it will create a new one.

That’s what I just did. It created a new task with a new backup time and “disabled” status.

I cannot edit either.

I tried the procedure 3 times. It would create a new backup task, with a new random backup time, and disabled task status.

The fourth try, it changed the time again, but the task status was “enabled”.

I still cannot open and close, or edit the task without the same error.

This morning I manually backed up eM Client, uninstalled, then re-installed.

Nothing fixed. Still cannot open then close the scheduler task, nor make any edits.

I’ve run out of ideas.

I received a reply from em client support.

It was clear my support request was poorly read, followed by blaming me and Microsoft for the faulty task created by em client.

This is a black-belt level blow off of the problem, followed with placing the blame on the user and another software company.

Well played, em client non-support staff.

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For errors or issues editing items in Task Scheduler, all I can suggest is that you contact Microsoft for assistance. They will be able to tell you what their errors in Task Scheduler mean, and hopefully assist you with fixing them.

The errors in microsoft task scheduler were created by an invalid task argument, created by em client when it created the task.