Cannot Dismiss Google Calendar Events

I have a calendar reminder for my daughter’s dance class (recurring weekly) that I cannot dismiss. I have tried dismissing each of them, and dismissing all. Other reminders will go away, but these specific ones will not.

I have even gone so far as to delete the actual event from my Google Calendar and that hasn’t solved anything. It’s a shared calendar that I am the owner of.

Have read through a couple similar issues. I have upgraded to most current version of em Client. I have also tried to disable all firewalls/AV and resync, however I still get the same issues.

Anyone know of any work arounds?

i have the same problem

Hi,Can you please try removing and re-adding the calendar account in question and see if that helps?

So, oddly, after having the problem for 3 weeks…it went away on it’s own. Not sure what happened there, didn’t change anything on my Surface or the host calendar!

Either way, I’ll take it, just hope it doesn’t happen again.

I have the same problem. I’m currently on v7.0.27943. I also deleted and added the calendar again and the problem is still there. In fact, when adding the calendar, I get all the reminders from all past events (40+ of them).

Clicking on “Dismiss All” just brifly makes the window go away then it reappears instantly.

Clicking on one of the dismiss icons for an entry just selects the next entry, it does nothing to the one I wanted dismissed.