cannot disable backup

I am using eM Client ver 7.1.33101.0  …

I do NOT have a checkmark on the “enable periodic backup” and yet eM Client continues to generate multiple backup ZIP’s weekly. I have to delete them manually several times a week because they are consuming too much space on a drive with limited space available.

I’ve tried the usual tricks of momentarily enabling the backup function and then disabling it again, starting and restarting eM Client but the function cannot be turned off. Where’s the bug and what’s the fix?

You might check in Windows Task Scheduler and see if the task is there. You can also use utilities like CCLeaner to manage scheduled applications.

If all else fails, just delete or rename the DdBackup.exe file in C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client. The backup won’t be able to run, but might cause an error at the scheduled time.

Thank you, yes there was a task in the scheduler to do the backup every day at 10:39 AM for some reason and now disabled. One would think the eM Client software should disable or delete any previous task instructions when you deselect the backup option in Em Client settings.