Cannot create/send new message from OUTLOOK mailbox

Hello (newbie here)

I have been using eMClient for 4 years and recently purchased the PRO version in order to handle a couple more mailboxes.

I added a new Outlook mailbox to my old Yahoo and Orange boxes in eMClient - its activation by eMClient was quick and easy, and I received a couple of incoming messages into the newly created mailbox from multiple sources.All fine !

HOWEVER I cannot seem to be able to post OUTGOING messages from this mailbox ! the New Message window doesn’t let me choose that Outlook mailbox, even if I pre-select the corresponding folder.
(Note: the Outlook web-UI works fine with my new mailbox, incoming/ outgoing, so I assume my Outlook account is properly set up).

Can someone please explain and help with a fix ?
I understand there had been some issues between eMClient and Outlook back in 2021, hopefully my case is not so unusual…

Gratefully yours !

eMClient 9.2.1735 with Windows10 22H2

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this account. Scroll down to Services and tick the AirSync service. Click on Save & Close.

Wow, that did it !!! Why didn’t I think of it before - I tought AitrSync was some sort of fancy yet INTRUSIVE feature from Microsoft (and I’m very paranoid about MS scanning my mail…)
Anyway, thank you for your responsiveness - I will live with AirSync I guess .

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