Cannot create/reply to email

Suddenly after years of using emclient when I reply to an email a small window appears in the taskbar but I can’t seem to have it appear on the main screen. Same thing happens when I attempt to create an email. I have rebooted and rebooted and reinstalled.
Please help!

Sounds strange! What kind of “window” appears in the taksbar?

Stupid question: is the Window maybe just minimized? Can you select it with Alt + Tab and then hit the Windows key + Arrow up to maximize it?

I’ll try that now … thanks


when I select the emclient icon several windows appear to its right. Each of those small windows represents a new email I wish to compose or a reply to an email that i am attempting. In borth cases I cannot get that window to enlarge, thus I cannot create or reply. This renders emclient totally useless.
what a mess!

I guess there’s no tech support available?

The compose window is off screen.

Hover the mouse over the taskbar icon. When you see the thumbnail preview for the compose window, right-click on the preview and choose Move. Use the keyboard arrow keys to bring the window back onto your monitor.

In order for the new position to be remembered, you will need to have only one compose window open. So close all but one of them, then move the remaining one to the new position using the arrow keys. Any compose windows you open after that will be in that new position.

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