cannot contact update/licensing server for at least 14 days

Program forced offline. Cannot find solution. Tried shutting down security software with no change.  Get “update server” error on start up. Get “licensing server” error when trying to deactivate.   Got and ignored the “at least 10 days” warning error before hitting day 14. Running windows XP on older machine. Been using Em Client since Dec 2015.  An update was installed recently. Version = 7.1.30508.0.   - Help

here is the error message.   

Tried downloading most recent version 7.1.30777.0   - no change - same error

Did you see the announcement regarding XP?…

Thank you Jay.  I did not see the announcement. Any chance an older version such as 6 which appears to be still available will work for us dinosaurs wanting to keep our XP machines going? 

I think the issue is the OS, not the eM Client version.  So, the answer is no.  Sorry.

I am switching over to running EM Client on a windows 10 laptop
How can I transfer e-mails placed in “local floders” on the xp machine to the laptop?  The two machines are on the same newtwork so file transfer is easy. if that is all it takes I need to know what to transfer from where to where. 

I think the best solution is to:

  1.  Run a back-up on the old machine
  2.  Deactivate the license on the old machine
  3.  Place the back-up file on the new machine
  4.  Install eM Client on the new machine
  5.  Restore from the old system backup
  6.  Enter the license information on the new system

Should be good to go…

HI Dick,

I also would make a copy of the ‘data folder’ of eM Client. For version 6, that should contain all relevant data. At least that’s how I always was able to restore a previous version of my data.

See ‘tools --> Settings --> General --> storage’ for the location of your data folder.

The data folder should look something like this:

Hello Dick,

I would also add, that for transferring of just few items, the drag&drop would be the easiest way. For larger amount of data I would recommend exporting your local folders into  .eml file and then importing again on the new computer in Menu > File > Export/Import

With regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client

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I’ve a firewall and proxy in my network, therefore emClient cannot contact the licensing server (status 401: Unauthorized).
What can I do in order to solve this issue (open rules, setup proxy settings, etc…)?