Cannot Connect to ( or

I have two mail accounts I am trying to migrate from Outlook to eM Client, Both of them are getting the same error (connection error). I am using the “Other” category on both of them when I set up mail (Google, Yahoo, AOL, Exchange. Other). There is the place where I have to put in my account and password, but that is correct. It is a problem because the password is not shown (it doesn’t have an “eye” so that it can be seen). My account fails with a red “triangle” and it gives me the error message whenever I land on the triangle. Both accounts fail whenever I select “Diagnostics” SMPT and POP3. HELP!!

Mike Mazarick

I will reset my AVG antivirus (as suggested). When I do, I will lose all connections to this web page. Wish me luck!

I reset the AVG program so that eM Client would work. Unfortunately for me, there was a reboot required (reset my system clock) because AVG is considered key.