Cannot change Gmail Calendar names

Using EM Client version 8.0.2951

I’m having trouble changing the display names of subscribed calendars. I right click and select Rename, but the name reverts back to the original after a few moments. The name it’s reverting to is not what is displayed in Google Calendar, so I’m not sure where the name is coming from.

I’m able to change the display names of calendars I own (the ones listed under My Calendars in Google Calendar) it’s just the subscribed ones that are playing up (from the Other Calendars list).

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There is a new update for eM Client available. Might be worth installing as there are calendar “fixes” mentioned.

Thanks for the reply, I just updated to the latest (8.0.3283) but still having the same problem.

Hopefully someone else will be able to address your issue. Calendars are above my pay grade :smiley: