Cannot attach documents with drag and drop

Cannot drag and drop any attachments when compiling a message. I have to use the attachment icons and browse to the attachment.  When dragging an attachment the cursor change to No Go. 

Using 7.0.30068.0 on Win10 64.

I have the same environment and have no problems  (sane emclient and windows version)
There are a number of items on the web regarding this issue in windows explorer
Try re booting
Take a look at web search for the issue.
I used the search value of    " drag and drop not working windows 10"
I do not know if any of this info is correct or not but take a look   BUT Be Careful  

Thanks Richard. Unfortunately my situation does not extend outside of eM and drag&drop work fine in all other applications, including my outlook client.

Try going to  Program and Features (windows)  and right click EmClient and select REPAIR

Bingo. Thanks Richard that worked.