Cannot add items to virtual folder

I cannot delete any messages. I always get the error message “Cannot add items to virtual folder.” Restarting eM Client solves this issue for a while until it happens again.

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I also had this beta issue. It was fixed in the latest release which you can download from the Release History

I am using the latest beta release (v8.0.2646.0) and still have this issue.

Maybe send them a message at but it is not likely you would get any reply before next week.

In the mean time, you can drag and drop the messages to the Trash, or right-click and choose Move To.

It may be because I deleted the database and did a fresh install for 8.0.2646, that could be something different and why it has not reappeared for me. I just assumed that it was fixed.

Don’t worry guys, I’m using latest stable version and have the issue same as you. It happens to me with my two gmail accounts. Did anyone of you already contact the support?

same issue here i dont use beta getting annoying been over 2 weeks why cant they fix this
if i uninstall reinstall works for a few deletes then back to same thing again… using latest release…