Cannot add Exchange account

Hello! I tried to add my job’s Microsoft Exchange account to em Client. Unfortunately, I always get the message “The server was found, but authentication failed” – both wih automatic setup and when choosing Exchange. In mobile client and webmail everything works fine, credentials are correct. How can I solve the problem.

Hello, it is still not working. Please, provide some help - otherwise eM Client becomes virtually useless for me…

Hallo Gunnar,
Dein Nutzername impliziert, dass Du Deutsch sprichst, daher antworte ich auf deutsch, weil einfacher für mich:

Welche Version von em Client nutzt Du? Ich hatte die gleiche Fehlermeldung mit em client 7 in Mac OS 10.11 el capitan. Leider fand ich auch keine Lösung, außer dem Update von em Client und Betriebssystem.

Ja, richtig geschätzt, für Verständlichkeit antworte ich trotzdem mal auf englisch:

I use eM 9.2.1735 (3d90379) on Win10. As far as I read the forum, I found no known issues for windows, exchange and new em versions.

With Exchange accounts, you should get a web browser window open for you to authenticate your credentials. The full setup walkthrough is here. If that is not happening, it may that previously you changed some Windows registry settings to disable oAuth.

Open Windows Registry Editor and find the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\eM Client entry. Delete the AllowExchangeOnlineOAuth item, then try the account setup again.

Thanks for the response! I followed your advise, unfortunately deleting the registry entry did not help. There is no web browser window opening. What can I do?