Cannot activate

i have only downloaded eMClient they gave me a key but when i try to activate it it tells me its wrong activation key i have done it around 6 or more times and it saying the same.

Go to the Lost Activation Key page and enter your registered email address, and the key wil be resent to you.

Then in eM Client go to Menu > Help > License and click on Deactivate if that option is there. Then click on Activate and paste in the key just resent to you.

Thank you Gary, i have tried all what you said when the page comes up to activate it say its demo but when i click onto activate then it say i have 28 days left to activate, do i want to go a head then put in the key # it still say its not the # regards

Is this a Free or Pro License key?

H i thank you for your reply’s Gary, yes it is the free one
then i will pay, but as it know not able to get the key to work so to to sure

If it is a Free License you can only use it one computer. If it has already been activated on another computer, you will first need to deactivate it on the old computer. That is a possible cause.

Gary its only on one computer, i have only one,

You could write to eM Client and ask them to look at the key for you. You still have 27 days, so not too much rush on that. [email protected]

Otherwise I don’t know what to suggest Michael other than getting another Free License key.

Thank yo very much Gary, i did manage to activate the key this time where it say to put the key it came up with my name etc instead of demo, thank you once again Gary, regards Michael