cancelling event does not send any cancel message

when I cancel a meeting in latest em client (connected to google calendar), the mtg is cancelled in google calendar, but no cancel message is sent to others. 

for local events (not google calendar) this works fine

Hello Kamil, Google Calendar is using “Smart Schedule” feature for scheduling events and managing invites, this means the invites are sent by the server automatically and managed by the calendar service remotely not by eM client features.

We believe this is a standard behavior for Google Accounts, however we’ve recently found out that our implementation currently still uses the window for confirming of sending invites, we’re working on resolving this, all invites should be handled by the server. eM Client should only display the invitations in the sidebar once a new invitation is received by the server.

Hope this helps,

ok, it is confusing you still have thos confirmations there. for instance in case of delete you have not only confirmation of delete, but also confirmation of sending an update right after that which does not make sense.

my critical issue is however that there is a bug in your integration with google API. you remove the meeting from the google calendar but no cancellation message is sent to the invited people unlike when I remove it in google calendar directly. so they still have the meeting scheduled.

same issue when updating single instance of series of events. if I update whole series to a new time, the updated invitation is sent.

hope you can fix this soon. I started to evaluate Zimbra for now as a replacement.

Hello Kamil, we’re working on improving this issue as we’ve just found the problem recently. However as I suggested, Google Calendar is using a Smart Schedule feature that allows the server to control the invitations and manage sending of the invitation emails.

This is not fixed yet.

This is a basic team-work feature for business. I deleted my Exchange account just for this and I’m thinking if it worths the matter to have two email clients (one for gmail and other for exchange). I like EM but this is a big issue.

Please, update me when fixed



Hello Manuel,
just to be clear - your issue is with exchange, not gmail as in this post? Because that would mean the issue would be of different nature.


It’s with both email accounts. I don’t use gmail to schedule meetings usually but I do it daily in the exchange account.
In both mails I have the same issue. No cancellation is sent and the appointment still remains in the recipient calendar. The only thing the other one gets is that the event has been updated, that’s all. No matter what service you use.

Try to invite yourself (if you have two emails) and you will see what you get when you cancel the meeting. Do the same in Outlook and you will see the difference.

Hope it helps.