Can you remove the “Sort By” row across the top

I’m trying to figure out how to remove the “Sort By” row that appears above messages. It servers zero purpose for my use. Image below, area circled in red. Can this be done?

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I’m trying to figure this out also. Seems like a waste of space.

Totally useless for me, not needed… no idea why ANYONE needs this.

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That’s used by alot of eM Client peeps.

Yes, and in version 9 we added other options to that row as well, like filtering. It is the best location to offer the sorting and filtering quick actions.

Also, if you are using the single line layout, it shows the column names, which is essential especially if you have different column configurations for each folder, and also allows you to instantly sort by that column.

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I don’t know what is meant by “single line layout”, but I have the column names right in the line below it.

Glad you like it, I do not. If this was an optional setting, then we’d both be happy.

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Gary, for those that want this feature… that’s the best place. However, many of us do not and just find it to be a waste of space and an eyesore. There SHOULD be an option to remove.

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I too mean this row is useless and wastes valuable space.
Option to disable it would be appreciated.

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I can’t agree that this is the best location for a filtering function. The filter icon takes up minimal space and could easily be placed on the same line as all the column headers.
And the “sorted by” function is already best embedded in each column header; a simple click on the respective header beats clicking on the “sorted by” item followed by having to click on a drop down item.

Unfortunately that is not possible.

I’m sorry, but that’s total BULL!! Yes, it could be most certainly coded that way. It could also be coded to have that section totally OPTIONAL! Don’t tell me what can and cannot be done. I’m not a code-writer, but I know a TON about it. It can be done… PERIOD! The only question is will emClient do it?!

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Gary, I think “not possible” isn’t the proper term. The technical fix is likely fairly simple since it’s just a GUI rearrangement, so it in that regard it is very possible. Whatever bureaucracy stands in the way of putting in an “easy fix” may be daunting, but hopefully not truly impossible.

I think what Gary might be saying is it is not possible in the current version of eM Client to make this configuration change. At this point this should be added to the “Feature Suggestion” discussion area so it can be added to the feature request list where in a future version it can be considered for addition by changing the code.

Of course there are many feature suggestions that have been submitted by users. Some users think some features as necessary and demand them right away, while others think that specific feature is not as important. The best thing to do is post it to the “Suggestion Feature” section and have other users agree with the need for this feature. The more users that back a feature suggestion, the more likely it will move up the list and get implemented.


lancealot, good input on making this a feature request. Hopefully it’s an easy request to fulfill.