Can you make "Move Your Folder" have a search box at the top to find folders easier?

Trying to move emails to folders is a pain in the butt. Is there anyway to have a search box in the move to folder window like google has it it’s web client?

Hello Aleksander, unfortunately it is not currently to navigate through your folders using search, however you should be able to navigate through the list of folders by using the first letter of the folder, the focus in the folder selection should jump to the first according folder name based on your letter input.

Some of our users also implied it would be good to improve this way of navigating through the folders using more than the first letter, which is a query we’ve approved and are working on improving the feature and ease up navigation through the list of folders for future releases.

Is there any activity still taking place on this feature.  It really is a most useful thing for people who like to put mail into folder structures.

To be honest, the lack of this feature is stopping my Wife from buying an eM Client licence as she uses such a feature like this on her current Thunderbird client I can’t get her to give it up!

I wonder how many other licence sales are lost because of this missing functionality?

Many thanks in advance.