Can you forward an email to your phone?

Hi Guys,

Just a quick one, Is it possible to have eM Client forward an email to your phone?

If so,

How would I do that ?

thanks in advance

Does you phone have an email address? If so, then of course, just send to its email address. On the other hand, if your phone gets messages using the same address as your regular email, then there are two options.

  1. Use IMAP. In that case, there is no need to forward the message as it will already be on the phone’s email program.
  2. Using POP just tell your computer to leave messages on the phone for say, 3 days before removing it. Then go into your phone’s email program and read your messages. Set your phone to never delete messages and set the program to automatically BCC yourself so your regular email program gets any message you send from your phone.

Hi steveshank,

My phone doesn’t have an email address, I was thinking more along the lines that you could set up a rule that will forward an email to a phone no, if that was possible.