Can We Move Location or Path Local Folders?


What is posibble to move Path atau Location for Local Folder?

As far as I know, Local folders is stored in “App\Roaming”

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Yes it is possible, I run everything in a dedicated partition, BUT unless you
really know what you are doing leave as default.
Unless someone knows differently.

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It is not possible to move just the Local Folders part of the database. You will need to move the whole database.

To do that, go to Menu > Settings > General > Storage. Set the new location then click on Save & Close. Restart eM Client and it will use the database in the new location. It will be an empty database, so you will need to manually move the old one to the new location. To do that, close eM Client and open Windows Explorer. Go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\ . You may have to enable hidden items in Explorer to get there. Move the complete contents of the \eM Client\ folder to your new location, and then start eM Client.

Note that you shouldn’t put the database in a cloud synced folder as it will cause errors. Also, don’t put it in the base folder of a drive. So not in D: but put it in a folder of D: like D:\eM Client\ .

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Ok no problem if all database.

How much size limit for Local Folders? That we know, Maximum file PST is 50GB.

Thank you.

There is no size limit other than the size of your disk.

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