Can we have public holidays and contact's birthdays in the calendar?

Google offers special calendars for public holidays and contact’s birthdays. I came to like this feature a lot. The sidebar shwing these dates is OK, but having these events in the calendar as special, optional calendars would be extremely helpful.


Hi Michael, you can import holidays into a selected calendar, by simply right clicking the calendar folder and selecting “Import holidays”, but unfortunately it’s not possible to import birthdays of your contacts, maybe in future releases.

Thank you,

+1 from me for contact birthdays showing in calendar too

Do I have to wait until next year to import next year’s public holidays? If I take the option now (end November) it just writes this year’s holidays again.

Hi, unfortunately a new set of calendars needs to be included, we’re currently working on improving the calendar import for future updates, I’ll keep you posted once the release is available for download.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Thank you Paul.

I don’t know what you mean by the calendar folder,  all I see is the word calendar on my gmail screen.  I click on it and see the calendar.  Thats all.   nothing saying import.???             I just loaded gmail on my desk top 2 days ago.  still learning.  please help.  thank you

Calendar folders are listed in the left pane, under each calendar account, e.g. your email address, in eM Client.