Can use emails with talktalk but cannot get eMClient to recognise talktalk password

After I had to do a windows re-install I cannot get emclient to work, I can email and receive from my ipad and phone and laptop using talktalk mail, my wife can receive emails from me from my talktalk account, but I cannot get emclient to process my info. all it comes back is “server found but cannot authenticate” I have changed my passsword and I can access my talktalk account which uses the same password and email from there, but emclient, no way. I uninstalled and reinstalled the programme still no joy.

Reinstalling will not make any difference as this is an authentication issue at the provider. That means the server does not accept the credentials you have entered.

Check you have the correct username (full email address) and password. Some providers require you use an app password and not the account password, so check with the email provider what they require. If it is just the account password, maybe reset it on their website and see if that helps.

Thanks Gary,
I did reset my password at talktalk and this is also the password for my mail, the server accepts it at talktalk mail as I can send and receive using these data, it just seems funny that I never had a problem with eMClient before and I have been using it for years.
Also, could you explain how, after reinstalling eMClient, I received a" welcome to eMClient" mail if it’s not recognised at the server?
I will try a password reset later and let you know what happens.

It is a welcome message placed there by the application, it is not received from a server.

I understand, thanks.

Changed password, can still log into talktalk website can still use talktalk.mail cannot use eMClient, comes back with same response “server found canot authenticate” I think I am going to have to use another mail handler.
Thanks anyway Scott.

It is connecting to the server so there is no problem there. But if the server won’t authenticate your credentials, then you will need to contact the email provider for assistance, as it is their server that won’t accept what you are entering.

OK thanks again, I will do that then come back and let you know.

Hi Gary, Success, I went in to eMClient and set up everything anew, something I had forgotten was that it was a pop3 account, so I followed all instructions and now have it back, so pleased.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Regards, Den.

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