can ́t restor my backups

Help, please, i can ́t restore by backup ́s!
who can tell me what ́s the Problem? I don ́t understand…
early i used emclient 5 (Freeware) include all updates on XP SP3. Never i had any Problems.
Now, after reinstal my os i installed emclient, too.
all fine untill i want to restore my backups.
Here Comes a message the database was changed by an other Version of emclient. Update emclient was clear the Problem…
but it didn ́t.
After update it ́s starts some check ́s, then say ́s same as above.
So i can endless retry to update or even cancel and uninstall.
Now i have Windows 7 Ultimate, it ́s the same. Windows 8, it ́s same, xp on 7 or 8, with or without SP ́s… ever the same.
but i Need my Email.
anybody there for help? please!
and please sorry, i am german
Wenn mir jemand bitte helfen kann, wäre ich sehr dankbar, vielleicht sogar auf deutsch? Englisch wird schwer, aber ginge auch.
Danke, und frohes neues Jahr.
Thank you and i wish an happy new year.


Hi, what error exactly does eM Client shows? Also that issue was while updating to latest (6th) version?


no, not in directly. it began at end of restore any backup.
I try it before update EmClient, after update EmClient and same with any other Version, i have got.
It ́s even the same. “database was changed by an newer Version of EmClient. Update can solve the Problem”
And there after EmClient didn’t start without a proof. In it ́s comes…
EmClient couldn’t start, because database was changed by an newer Version…"
I couldn ́t tell you the error message exactly any more. For this i must reinstall my OS completely, because EmClient works after repair, un- and reinstall same as at end and starts automatically with the proof an error message. For an new install
without errors I must kill my OS.
have any idea?

Greetings Taragonn

“database was changed by an newer Version of EmClient. Update can solve the Problem”

please use this latest 5th version… it is backwards compatible with 6th version database.

or this latest 6th version…


Hello Jan,

thank you for help. I got all email back again.
but i don ́t understand, i have tested all Versions i ́ve got.
at least 6.0.197…
was there a different in the core? so two different 5.0.196?
my Version of it didn’t work, and it was an executive, not a msi.
whatever, it ́s all right now.
Thank you for it and have a nice day :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for my german-english-riddle, you solved it greate :wink:

You are welcome, I am happy that I was able to help you, but can I ask where you got .exe version? We release .msi installers only…



the .exe Version was some older. I am sure to download it on, 3 years ago? was a hugh download-Portal with a lot of greate programms and Tools, comertionaly and non comercionaly Software. I never had Problems with it.
I found it in search for alternativ Software to Outlook Express and EPIM. I was linked to should i look for it?


no, I don’t need it now, but version old like this is of course full of issues and bugs and it do not have implemented changes for communication with email servers.
Please next time use always most up to date versions.