Can’t print or print preview email in eMClient.. if i press Print... the result is blank paper

Yes, I know that this is an old issue, but still here for me. :frowning:
The “C:\Users"Username”\AppData\Local\Temp\eM Client temporary files" folder EXISTS.
In this folder are created a lot of .pdf files, one for each “Print…” command. The created pdf files are good, have content and are perfectly printable. “Saving as PDF…” button creates good pdf files, but it feels like a blind action and is time-consumming.
So, the issue is that in eMClient I can’t print or print preview email … if I press “Print…” the result is blank paper.
OS: Win11 21H2
eMClient: 9.2.1222 (ca10485)
Can someone suggest something to repair this?

domingo 11 diciembre 2022 :: 1536hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @nicksson

Maybe stupid questions but I ask anyway:
1./ How many printers do you have?
2./ Do you have your only or one of your printers set as default?
3./ Can you print a basic email?
I know is of no help to you but I cannot make your problem happen.
Works for me with Win 10 & 11 Pro 22H2

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LOL, SkyBat, time for a survey? :slightly_smiling_face:
In emClient the print preview is based on a temporary pdf file created in a temporary folder (see above).
So, does not matters how many printers are in my/your system, if the print preview in emClient does not work with any of them you have to look elsewhere for the solution. The created pdf file in the temporary folder of emClient is valid, perfectly viewable in a regular pdf viewer or in the browser of your choice.
I guess the problem is correlated with some access rights, maybe DRM, or a process of loading pdf files in some windowframe…
That is te reason to ask here…
Still waiting for a solution, as the issue persists…

certain received emails will not print other than the header and headline. the rest of the text is gone.

the problem can be fixed by switching to text only versions but that is generally unworkable.

also if I save the file to pdf then it prints all, but that is too cumbersome.

any ideas?