can some one help please

on rules the messages dose not move to the folder it only copies it an idea
also all emails goes to junk folder instead of in box

Can you please specify what rules do you have set? You can obtain the information from Tools->Rules, click on rule, press Modify rule and then look at Rule preview.

these rules looks like this rule but it dose not move the rule it copies it

After message has been received
from ‘[email protected]’, ‘""TechFresh’, ‘[email protected]
move to Tech

and all email keeps coming to junk instead of inbox

If you delete and recreate the rule - does it work?

thanks Gabriel, Dave
there is some thing strange when you use the default rule ie. with move specific words in subject it dose not move it just copy the email

while in apply custom rules in message i receive it dose move the email

all emails are moved to junk folder as i received it .


That doesn’t happen here even with a custom rule - it still copies the message rather than moves it - however I set it up. My rule is supposed to move the message to a folder and forward it to another address. It forwards it (and leaves a copy of the forward in “Sent” messages as it should) but still copies the message to the folder instead of moving it. There does appear to be a bug in the program here.
P.S. Just tried something else which shows it’s an even worse bug than it appeared. When you delete the (apparent) copy left in the Inbox it deletes it from the folder to which it was copied too. I had to recover it from the trash and move it back to the folder - and “move” works fine - it seems to be only in a rule that the failure occurs.
P.P.S. The workaround is to only use “move” to a local folder. Then it works just fine. The bug only occurs when you try to move a message to an IMAP folder I the same or another account. This may not be any help if your target directory has to be in a specific account, but it was a way out for me as I was only moving the message to storage and a local folder was fine.

I am unable to set up my old account or even create a new account. I keep getting a notice ‘No Account’ to any action.
How do you actually contact someone to help rather than have to spend days trawling through pointless forum comments?