Can send emails from gmail account but they wont go from btinternet account

can send emails from gmail account but they wont go from btinternet account


What is your btinternet SMTP outgoing mail server setting ?

Also are you trying to send any large file attachments in your btinternet email ?

Has this btinternet sending problem only just started recently, or have you never been able to send from that account ?

this is a recent problem. I am not sending large attachment; it will not send even a test email to me.
I have tried everything to find the setting you ask about but have not found the right place. Can you help? I guess this is the key point, but as far as I know it has not changed.

@robincoates Ok. To check your SMTP (Outgoing mail settings) using EM Client recent versions, either click “Menu / Accounts” or “Right click on your email account” and click “Account Settings”

Then in your Account Settings, click the “SMTP” Tab at the top and see what settings you have there. Example screenshot below. What’s in the three fields below ?.


Thanks for this. However, I note that I am not getting emails into by bt account now. I picked up your email on a tablet I sometimes use and forwarded it to my gmail account.

Attached is a screenshot of the entries in the relevant screen.

I am not sure you got this from me replying to the email you sent

I wonder whether Avast is blocking the bt account. Is this likely?

Absolutely. As a test, completely disable your anti-virus/firewall application and try again.

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@robincoates Yes apart from disabling your Avast anti-virus/firewall program to test if its blocking / interfering with EMC as @Gary advised, if still same problem, I have also read on this forum that some other btinternet users have (removed their btinternet accounts) from EMC and (re-added them to accounts) and they started working again.

So if disabling Avast makes no difference as above, click in EMC Menu / Backup and once backed up, go to Menu / Accounts and remove your btInternet account and re-setup the account as new. It might just be a eg: corrupted btinternet account in EMC and removing & re-adding the acct might fix it.