Can receive emails but cannot reply or send emails

We are new to eMClient our local Computer God put it on our computer for us when we recently had a problem trying to upgrade to Windows 10, we really like it but we have a major problem we can receive emails but cannot send they just sit in the outbox, we get an error message when we try to send that says the server may be unavailable or the smtp settings are incorrect, Our service provider is TalkTalk and they have been investigating for a week now and they say the problem is not their server, we have checked the settings and they are correct, what is the point if you can’t reply to someone, we are so dissapointed we cannot get this resolved! Julie Devon

Hello Julie, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you seeing any errors while trying to synchronise your items with the server?

Can you make a screenshot of your SMTP account settings from Tools > Accounts > Your account?

Are you using any security software on your computer, that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to the server?


Hi Paul, thanks for coming back to us. Our version of eM client is 60.22344.0. Not sure how to screenshot the error. Our security system is the paid for version of Avast and we have un -ticked the box that tells it to scan outgoing mail, one of your other customers had the same problem as us and it was suggested to them. Regards Julie

![]( “Image null”)

Hi Paul,

Our local computer God David has helped me do the screenshot and here it is!

We have also tried disabling the Avast shield and the Windows Firewall temporarily and the emails still won’t send! please help

Hello again, if there’s an error thrown in Operations after you try to submit the message, please make a screenshot of the message or switch to the “Log” tab in Operations, copy the content of the log and submit it to us here for more information about the error.

If you’re using security software, please try to temporarily disable it to check if the issue persists, even if this option is setup, or try to setup an exception for MailClient.exe process from the Installation folder.


Try to setup your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS if available” or “Force SSL/TLS usage”, as you’re using a secured port I believe you’re required to use either one of these options. Make sure however that these settings are setup accordingly to your mail host recommended settings.