Can only send with Gmail account, not Hotmail

The other day I noticed i got a reply from a mail i thought id sent from my hotmial account, back into my gmail account. I thought maybe id accidentally sent it via the gmail account.

This morning I realized my hotmail account is actually no longer available when clicking the account dropdown at the top of a new email. Both accounts are still active, both accounts are still recieving email, but as far as sending, emC isnt giving me the option to use hotmail. Its like the gmail account is the only one available.

I had the same issue many had a few weeks ago with hotmail not sending, and i used the fix to get around that. I think emC updated a few days ago as well, and perhaps thats when this issue started. Its hard to know for sure as i wasnt paying close attention to what account mail was sending from as the hotmail account was supposed to be the default.

I just tried the ‘removeoldoutlookcomflow’ reg fix to see if i needed to go back to the ‘pre fix’ state, but that hasnt fixed it either. i thought about going back to a previous version of emC, except on the downloads page, it says the 9.2.168 version (which im now using) fixed the sending error… ? so whats going on?

I think this is the same problem that I described under “Error can’t send email” below, so far no advice forthcoming. I would add that if I send a Hotmail from Outlook to myself in EM Client then that is OK, it gets received, but if I then reply to it the reply gets sent in Gmail.

ya i know there are a couple threads like this, but maybe we’re all experiencing slightly different issues. i did read over a few of them before posting this, but no one said their account was unselectable as the sending source. at least, not that i saw.

a few weeks ago when the no-send issue 1st appeared, hotmail was still selectable as the sending address, and they would just sit in the outbox. now, i dont even get that option.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the General tab for this account. Scroll down to Services and click the AirSync option, then click on Save & Close.

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yup, that did it. thanks.

Thanks, that seems to have done it.