Can Not send emails comcast

Everytime I try to send an email ( I get error message 5.1.0 saying comcast can not send email and go to website at comcast about exceeding sending limits. 3 hours online & phone with Comcast = no solutions. I have used 1% of my sending limits so that is not the issue. Any help will be appreciated.

Apart from your sending smtp server limits “as the error seems to refer to”, the error 5.1.0 (510) can also bounce back if eg: messages from (your email address, or your @domain address if you have a domain address) are being “blocked by the recipient” or the recipient’s server on a block list at the other end.

Is this happening with sending email to any email address ?, or only specific email address’s.

It happens on every email I send. Error message says I have exceeded email sending limits with Comcast which would mean I am sending over 1000 emails within 24 hours which is not happening

It happens on every email I send.

As it’s then happening with every email address, and Comcast say your sending limit is ok, then might be to do with what’s in your emails like the eg: size of the attachments. From researching this problem, most Comcast accounts cannot send emails with attachments with more than 25mb size and will be blocked for exceeding limits if you do send over that size in any email.

Also you can get exceeding Sending limits if your computer is automatically sending spam without your knowledge from an infection. So check your computer for any viruses or malware etc incase it’s sending spam out without your knowledge.

Apart from that, test sending with an alternate email client, and if it also gets sending limits exceeded messages, then get back onto Comcast support & advise.

However if you can send ok with an alternate email client, but just not eM Client, then if your Comcast account is an IMAP, Exchange, or Office 365 type account, remove your account in eM Client and re-add it again.

Note: Before removing your account in eM Client, backup first via “Menu / Backup” (PC) or “File / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete in “Show Operations” via the dropdown on the right of the Refresh button at the top left.

Thanks for trying to help me. Actually Comcast says I am being blocked due to exceeding email limits. It all started when I responded to an email from Angies List ( The tv home repair company ) about a survey. I have speny 8 hours on chat & phone with Comcast. I am not sending over 1000 emails within 24 hours.It i strange when I respond to your comment it goes through but not emails. Yes I have tried sending emails through emclient, Comcast and Yahoo no luck thanks again

Yes I have tried sending emails through emclient, Comcast and Yahoo no luck thanks again.

When you say you tried sending emails through Comcast and Yahoo and no luck, was that via their webmail interface through a browser? Or did you try using another mail client to test ?