Can not enable SMTP and IMAP protocols

Recently other folks have not been receiving my email. Some do but most don’t! Looking around I found that the mentioned protocol cannot be enabled, suspect that is why some do not receive my email.

IMAP and SMTP are setup automatically when you add the email account.

Can you give a scenario in which these protocols aren’t setup?

Gary, When I discovered the problem I first reloaded em and when that did not work I started looking around as to why some folks were receiving my emails but not others. Lokked at accounts and only air sync
was enabled. SMTP and Imap were grayed out. Tried setting up a new account and initial all three protocol were enable, but if I made the new account as primary both of the two protocol unchecked and became grayed out!

In your default account IMAP and SMTP are not disabled. They will be displayed as greyed out so you can’t disable them. That is our restriction for a default account; it has to have both IMAP and SMTP. So we don’t allow you to disable them.

If you add a second account, they are not greyed out, and you can disable them.

Here is a default account with all 4 services enabled. See how they are all ticked?


Here is an account with all 4 servercise enabled, which is not a default account.


Here is an account with only one service enabled. See only one is ticked?


AirSync is for syncing calendars and contacts with Microsoft servers.

Thanks for clearing that up. It is as you said, they are checked but grayed out so I would assume those protocols are working. Now, why can only some of my emails being received by about 20% of the addressees? Seems as if those using email on their phones are receiving messages but other using Microsoft windows mail and yahoo mail do not if sent through Hotmail
. Maybe the issue is with Hotmail!. Will have to look into that. Thanks for your help and explainations.
Dick Neill

Hi. just installed eM. pop3 server was configured wrong when I set up my account. Was able to change and now receiving mail. However cannot send mail, although I "save and closed"as required. Suspect that the smtp setting may also be incorrect. Unable to find a “smtp” tab to edit. Cannot find any way to see if the smtp server is correctly configured. If the configuration was imported from “Outlook”, then I am certain that the smpt setting is incorrect. ( This is the reason why I’m trilling eM Client)