Can NOT delete emails

When I delete an email in eM Client 8.0.3385 [many ways including right-click>delete and delete button] it toggles on the ‘Bin’ label indicator but the email stays in the in-box.

Account is GMail my domain.

Right-Click ‘Inbox’ and remove Tag sends it to [Imap]/Bin and it is then back in the Inbox.

Shift-Delete-Key gives a confirmation dialogue after which it disappears FOR 2 SECONDS - and comes back again.

Clicking Archive after clicking delete seems to get the message out of the inbox but then in the webmail the same stupid stubborn email is now in AllMail.

Obviously (I assume) I can kill it from there but it does seem to make eM redundant.

Pretty sure tis is a set-up / setting issue.

Can somone walk me through a solution?

Would you like to send some screen-scrapes?
Also, have you checked the error logs? (menu/operations/errors)

Error Logs report no errors.

Attached - to the next 4 messages :slight_smile:
1 - before delete - 2020-09-05 11_10_37-eM Client
2 - Deleted but still in inbox - 2020-09-05 11_11_17-eM Client

  • see Tags for Inbox and Bin
    3 - Archived so in All Mail but Tag is BIN - 2020-09-05 11_12_01-eM Client
  • I’m used to deleted messages not being in All Mail but waiting in the Bin (US Trash)
    4 - IMAP Settings - 2020-09-05 11_13_32-Accounts
    Trying multiple mail clients and Not Happy with the casual way they make extra folders [IMAP]/Bin and [Gmail]/Bin for example.

Curious! No explanation I’m afraid.

The only suggestion I can make is to delete the account and re-create after exporting any important emails for safe keeping to a local folder.

I did that a few hours ago, not loaded as many email profiles and watching it to see.

So far so good but very frustrating behaviour.

OK good - but what do you mean by “email profiles”?
How many email accounts do you have on eMC?

email accounts

5 or 6

Would not expect that to be an issue.

Not an issue, but it does confirm you must have a Pro licence.

In that case, since you are paying for support, I suspect it would be better if you raise a ticket here: