Can not copy text from body of received messages

OS - Windows 2008 Server Enterprise (Terminal Server)
eM Client version 5.0.18025

I am trialing eM Client with a look to move all users in my company across from Thunderbird. I am experiencing an issue copying text from the body of received messages. I can copy the title and the sender’s email address but nothing from the body. I have no issues copying when composing new messages or from any other areas of eM Client. Currently if I need to copy from a received mail I have to click forward and then copy from the body of the new mail. Having read an answer on this forum to a similar issue I have tried looking at the settings in IE but am a bit at a loss why these would affect the copy and paste functionality unless this requires some Active X control or something odd like that. Currently I have security set to high for the Internet Zone so maybe I need to lower this level. I have no issues with copy and paste in IE itself. However, I have no problems on my Windows 7 machine.

Please try and help. My team would never forgive me if I introduced an email client without this sort of basic functionality working. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I tried setting security on IE to low but this made no difference. Seems to be a really odd issue which I hope you can help with.


please try to copy from IE to notepad and let me know if this works or not. You can also try resetting your IE files to default as this in most cases help.

eM Client run some features on IE core so these two programs interfere with each other.

If this will not help, then we will need to arrange Teamviewer session so contact me to


Try pasting using Left-CTRL+V…that solved the problem for me when I occasionally had that problem.