Can not activate the free version

I’m getting from the website the free version activation code, I paste it into the dedicated space but it says it’s not valid. I tried twice but the same thing is happening. What can I do?
Running on windows 10

Maybe you copied it incorrectly. You can have the activation code resent to you by going to and enter the email address you used to register for the Free License.
This license is only valid for a single installation. If you have already used it on another computer, you will need to deactivate it on the first computer before you can activate it on a second one. If you want to install eM Client on more than one computer, you will need to register an additional Free License using a different email address.

I have the exact same problem as Jacopo G. I even registered with another email address, both email addresses are registered today and both do not activate. I’m 100% certain the license is copied correctly.

I’m having the same problem. Requested free activation code. Tried it with 2 email adresses. Keep getting invalid key. If I try to re-send to the email adres. It says it doesn’t know my email.

I tried again but no way it’s working

I guess the licensing server may be down.

I am having the exact same problem here. 

I sent a message to eM Client asking if there was a problem.

Will let you know when I get a reply.

Thanks Gary.

It is not working for recently registered licenses. When I use my Pro License, or a Free License registered last year, it works. If I register a new Free License it doesn’t work.

Hello Everyone,
the temporary bug on our license server which happened last night causing the problem with saving new licenses has been resolved.
You can now create Free licenses on our website again -

For any Pro license users seeing this who experienced this issue - please get in touch with our Pro support immediately and we will re-create your purchased licenses.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

 Just got a new key and it worked like a dream. Thank you for keeping us informed!

Ok Problem solved, license working again.
Already got mine working.
Thank you Olivia
Thank you Gary