Can no longer set rules per email account?

I am setting up emClient on Windows, currently on free trial of full software. Using both Outlook emails and IMAP via webhosting.

I need to have different rules to handle mail arriving at different addresses. For example, when I get an email from Wordpress on one account, I need it to go into the Wordpress subfolder for that account. When an email arrives from the same sender in a second email account concerning a different website, I need it to go into a subfolder in that second email account.

This looked possible to begin with. I recall when I opened Menu > Rules initially, the dropdown contained all the accounts I had added to emClient…

Now, however, the dropdown only contains the Outlook account I did add some rules for already, and “Local Rules”, which looks like it would affect all incoming emails regardless of what account they arrived at.

Is this a bug? Can I get this software to do what I need?

You can use Local Rules, just add this line to your Rule:

Oh, there is that option! Good to know.

Still going to get quite cluttered, and not sure why only one email account is now available for doing separately?

But “not impossible” is still good news :smile:

Will that sync back to other email clients as a “local rule”, or only be arranged in those folders in eMClient? Unfamiliar with this specific feature.

Where you have two folders for Rules, so Local and Outlook, that means that your server (Exchange) supports server-side Rules. Creating a Rule in that folder means that the Rules function even when eM Client is not running, as they are processed by the server. In that instance, any email client or computer connected to that email account, will benefit from those Rules.

Hm. Yeah that would ideally be how I get it to work. Not sure if this is possible for the IMAP accounts, but if one Outlook (Exchange) account can do it, then surely the others can? I wonder how to get eM Client to recognise that again as I swear it did previously…

Update: I checked and I have both an Outlook account with no rules applied at the Microsoft end, and one with several, so it doesn’t seem to be the presence or absence of existing rules that dictates whether the account shows up in the eM Client rules dropdown.

As far as I understand it, this is only supported on Exchange and IceWarp servers.

Oh, so is that part of what those “Microsoft 365” email services offered by webhosts are good for? Over basic email. Those basically make your website-email work through Exchange, right? And so could set server-side rules for the IMAP accounts.

Still don’t get why one account seems to support server-side rules created in eM Client and the others don’t. Perhaps I had better set up the rules in-browser and then just come to eM Client for quickly switching between accounts to read/reply.

Although I may have misunderstood the limitations. It looks like folders created with local rules in eM Client have appeared in the browser logins of an Outlook and an IMAP account. So the changes processed by eM Client rules when run ARE then synced back to the folder organisation elsewhere. I suppose they just won’t run without eM Client open. But I won’t lose my prior eM Client based email organisation if I log in through some other client.

I Have an Account without MS 365 subscription all my rules have been created in the setting of web interface those rules are applied as soon as you sync your mail on the server.
eMClient doesn’t proceed them you can enable them and disable them server side via eMClient but you can’t edit them.
I use Imap it work well everywhere the rules are applied by the server itself.
Just head to your outlook web interface the go in advanced setting you will find the rules option there.