Can no longer add new calendar events

With the latest update this month, I can no longer add a new event. In calendar, a new box pops up that lets me choose if it is an online event or not. Whichever I choose, once I add all of the information and click Save, it is not saved. I have tried multiple times and ways but no new events are being saved. Any help is greatly appreciated! thank you

miércoles 08 septiembre 2021 :: 2005hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @adrienne

When you try to save the event, there will be a pop up error message, what is the error?

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When you save the event, make sure you are saving it in the correct calendar.

Either you are saving it in a read-only calendar, it which case it will be lost, or you are not looking in the correct calendar later on to see it.

Thank You!! This was it. For some reason the default is set to Contacts rather than my Calendar. I will tinker around a bit and see if I can permanently change the default. It is reverting to Contacts

There was never an error message. I think I found the resolution below - thank you!