Can I use this with gMail without the ALL MAIL folder?

Howdy… Can I use eM and gMail without the need to sync my “All Mail” folder? That folder has 50,000 emails in it. I use 2 or 3 different platforms for my email, and if I turn it on, it’ll require to sync with all of those diferent platforms, which I don’t want…

Other clients seem to work fine without having to sync ALL MAIL… Is it possible to have eM work without syncing ALL MAIL?




Yes, but only with POP3. If you want to use GMail with IMAP you need to enable this folder.

Hello Benjamin,
the All Mail folder is essential for Google IMAP synchronization because as the name suggests, it contains ALL MAIL in your account. Gmail has a special structure where each message exists only once  - in the All Mail folder. All the other perceived ‘folders’ are just labels, so even if the message seems to be in 5 different folders there is just one real copy of that message. Even Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc. are just labels.
All Mail is one of the three ‘real’ folders on Gmail - the other two are Spam and Trash which have their own rules. This actually in the ends saves space rather than take up more.

eM Client has a special setup for Gmail accounts in which this native webmail structure is used and that is why the All Mail folder must be allowed and synchronized.

Hope this makes it more clear.

I am in the same boat, I have gmail accounts which I use on multiple platforms and do not want to use All Folders.  My cell phone, for instance, does not need to sync the full account, only a few select folders which I want to keep mobile/handy.

So, while your answer may be interesting, it doesn’t offer a solution to the OP’s problem or answer why eM 6.x STILL WORKS JUST FINE without it…seemly proving “All Mail” selected “Show in IMAP” is not “essential” for email clients to work in gmail.

I have rolled by to 6.x (for both this and the single icon/text main menu change) and would like to know if this a firm decision going forward.