Can I use EM Client on Win 8.1 computer without having a Microsoft IMAP account.

I recently bought a new laptop computer (Toshiba P55W-B5318), Windows 8.1 for home use.  In my WEB info research I found it stated that in order to use Mail one needs to setup a Microsoft IMAP account (this I did).  Not being impressed I went to the Microsoft Store and found EM Client (6.0.21372.0), which can be used for POP or IMAP.   EM Client was installed after I had setup the Microsoft IMAP account, so it downloaded the emails from my ISP’s mail server.

My question is can I setup EM Client to work without having to have a Microsoft IMAP account active on my computer.  I don’t mind having both, but I tried to disable the IMAP account from within EM Client but it won’t let me.  Can disable POP but not IMAP in EM Client.

My old computer has Windows Vista with Windows Mail and I want to setup my POP local folders configuration the same way on this new computer.  Being an IMAP novice, in the process of trying to do this in IMAP, after creating, renaming, moving, deleting, and rearranging folders, I lost some emails and folders.  I was trying to retrieve them within EM Client, but it only made matters worse. Luckily I found that if I log into my ISP’s GMAIL Server most could be recovered, but it is was a trying, frustrating, and time consuming experience.  Turning Synchronize of in EM Client Setup also helped stop emails from being resent back to my Windows Mail POP3 account on the old computer.

If this can be done (question 1 above) please outline the steps that I need to take.  Also if this can be done, it would also be great to include info about this in your online User Guide.

Is there any special info that I need to tell my Internet Service Provider?

I like EM Client and want to continue to use it in POP mode without a Microsoft IMAP account.


Ben Harris

Hi Ben, not completely sure what you’re referring to, if you want to setup an email account as POP3 rather than IMAP, please navigate to Tools > Account > New account, but instead of using the automatic setup, please navigate to the Mail tab below and select Other.

Use the recommended server settings that you can find on your mail service vendor’s website and setup the account using these settings.

If you’re unable to disable the IMAP account, maybe you have the account setup as default, it is unfortunately not possible to disable the default account, please setup your other account as default using the “set as default” button in Accounts and remove or disable the original account.



Windows 8 (and 8.1), by default, asks you to set up a Microsoft account - you can override this and use a local account, but you have to know where to look.

Now, that is separate from having a Microsoft email account, although once again by default, you get can one anyway with the same username and password.

If you want to use EM Client (or any other decent email program) with your existing service provier, you can. It’s not hard. Just follow the instructions with CM Client to set up a new “account” and select POP when asked.

I would recommend you change over to IMAP even with your existing provider - most of them support both. IMAP is better when you have more than one device linked to your email account. Who is your service provider? We may be able to assist if it’s a well know one.

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall EM client. You shouldn’t lose any emails from your service provider.

I hope this helps a bit - I’m just another EM client user.


Hello Alan

!!! Thanks for responding to my question !!!

Your response helped me take on and solve one of my problems.  I contacted Microsoft Tech Support about disconnecting the Microsoft IMAP to account that I had setup.   This resolved the problem of clicking on Win 8.1 Start-up window “MAIL” icon and getting a window showing two week old emails that were not current.  Now when I click on the Start-up window “MAIL” icon it shows the MAIL sign in window.   One Problem Solved!

My ISP:       (they provide POP3 and IMAP)

My reason for wanting to stick with POP3 was because I was not familiar IMAP.  I was concerned about losing my local folders that I created and the emails within them.  I would prefer to keep that info saved on my computer and not the Mail Server.  I will eventually switch to IMAP, but I want to investigate the use of EM Client and POP3 a litter further.

Things that I have learned so far.

  • It’s better to go into my ISP’s Webmail Server to set it up before going to EM Client
  • POP is not shown inside the EM Client Tool > Account Window 
  • Need to find out what will send email to Inbox if the Local is setup to display
    You don’t have to answer these question.

Thanks a whole lot for helping on one of my problems!


Hi Ben, I’ll be happy to help you setup the application.

As I’ve mentioned if you have the account setup as IMAP and want to setup the account as POP you have to setup the account manually using the option ‘Other’ in Mail setup as it is not possible to reconfigure an IMAP account to a POP account once the account setup is finished.

When setting up a local/pop account you should also be prompted if you want to receive your emails in a separate account folder or in Local folders, so in case you’re receiving into local folders, make sure to re-setup the account allowing the application to create a separate folder.

Hope this helps,