Can I store my emails on a NAS?

Is it possible to store your email profile on a NAS drive to enable access from more than one PC on a home network? This could be the deal breaker for me.

Hmmmm … speed of responses here is not very encouraging. I would expect this to be a fairly simple one t answer.

Hi, well eM Client and the database engine we use for data storage (sqlite) is not intended for shared use. It does not handle concurrency issues. This scenario would work only when only one user access the data at the same time. Correct way how to share data is to use CalDAV/CardDAV server for groupware and/or IMAP server for emails.

Even Outlook doesn’t support concurrent access to an offline file (.ost, .pst) on a share.

Who said anything about concurrent access? Not me! That’s not what I need.

Concurrency aside, Michal Burger’s response doesn’t explicitly say that EM Client’s database cannot be stored on a network share, but that’s how I’m reading it…

I’d have to do some digging to understand how EM Client’s data is stored/accessed and whether it’s feasible to sync the data between two or more clients, but that is where I would start. Check out DeltaCopy……