Can I set eM Client to just Sync Google Tasks if I Want?

Ok…I’ll try not to confuse myself and consequently others with this as I’m no techie - I know just enough to get myself into pickles sometimes.
I’m currently using eM Client on my laptop because I got sick & tired of constant issues with Outlook 2013. I know the free version of eM Client allows for 2 accounts of which I’ve setup. One is & the other email account can handle imap but no activesync. I hear that eM Client works wonderfully with all things google, but I’ve weaned myself off of google - calendar & contacts in particular ( now handles these extensively and its been working great with my laptop/phone/tablet combination). My gmail account is still active but I have all mail being forwarded to my address.
Here is my issue. I understand that eM Client can handle full sync with google Tasks so, I’d like to link my gmail with eM Client but only for tasks. I have no desire to have eM Client sync with google email, calendar & contacts as I’m quite happy with my setup.
So my question is:
Can I set up a gmail account in eM Client where only the Tasks are being handled? I realize that I may need to upgrade to the pro version but I’ll only do so if I can sync just google tasks and not the rest of google’s offerings.

Hi, you can’t synchronize tasks only. You can synchronize Tasks/Calendar and contacts only together.

Go to Tools - Accounts - your Gmail account and uncheck “Enable service” in IMAP/SMTP and Chat contacts.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve now done that and it works perfectly. Thanks!

you are much welcome :slight_smile: