Can I select a mail template from within the mail composing window?

I would like to use mail templates for responding to certain emails. I don’t want to use a template all of the time. I just want to select from a list of templates when I go to actually compose a message.

Is this possible?

unfortunately this is possible only for new emails. When you have created some templates, a small arrow appears near the item “Mail…” in the menu under the “New…” button and you can choose a template which one would you like.

yes i found this function, it can be setup just for account not for every folder. So there isnt this option is it corect?

You are right, it cannot be set for a separate folders. Only for particular accounts.

Just in case anyone stumbles across my decade+ post, eM Client can do this now with the “Quick Text” feature.

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.thanks for the Quick text info. I never knew that and is very handy. It’s like a mini template.