Can I run a script before the new mail notification fires?

I’m member of a number of lists that are quite active, several of them I have set rules to handle them automatically, mark the email read and file it such that my immediate attention is completely unnecessary.

Unfortunately every time an email comes in, whether it’s on one of these lists or not, the notification sound fires and the eM client icon changes to say I’ve got mail.  Of course by the time I click on it, the rule has run and there’s nothing to do.

It would be nice if I could add to the rule a “no notification” option that makes emails handled by the rule also not send any notification via audio or icon.

Hello Michael,
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately, there is no option for such rule yet.
But I’ll mark your topic as an Idea thread so that other users can vote on it and our developers can consider it in future improvements.