Can I print Contact Notes?

Ive been evaluating the personal use version of eM.   When printing a contact can the “notes” section also be printed?  I’m trying to replace the entirely frustrating and data losing Outlook with eM.  thank you!

As far as i know EM Client only prints the Contacts “Overview” page fields and not the “Details” page with the Notes. I personally would like to also see the Contacts / Notes printed together with the Names and Phone numbers etc.

Thank you for the reply.  I looked over the Beta Release notes and one of them specifically stated that it added the “print notes” capability.  We installed the latest beta 8.0.1798 Beta. I assume the prior beta release rolled up the changes to the latest?  
If so, I cannot find any method to print notes with the latest Beta.  Do you have any insight?  thank you

The beta includes a new section - Notes. This is not referring to the notes field in Contacts, but an actual Note like you would find in Exchange. You can print them.