Can I Pin eM Client to the Task Bar in Win7.Doesn't appear to offer that action.


In Windows 8 you can pin programs to the Task Bar as follows:

  1. start Windows Explorer

  2. select the file you want to pin (for eM Client that is C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe.

  3. click with your right mouse button on the selected file

  4. select “pin to taskbar”

screen shot:

Thanks Hans. However no “.exe” after my MailClient and while it offers Pin to task bar, it doesn’t. Win7?

If you turn on your application and right click the application in the taskbar it doesn’t offer you this in the popup menu?

Thank you,

Hi Marty,

That you don’t see .exe behind a filename is just a setting in Windows Explorer.

If you change that setting, you will see .exe (and .dll for example).

It’s a setting in the folder options, which you can open from Windows Explorer.

screen shot:

Thanks Hans. Done that and that is now good. Yes Paul when I right click it does offer to pin it to the task bar but it doesn’t appear on the task bar. Right click again and it offers to allow me to unpin it.
May be something wrong with my Win7. Dunno.
Not of major importance but would have been good if I could have done it.
Thank you both for your time and effort.

Hi Marty,

Maybe you have already so many programs pinned to your task bar, that the task bar is occupying more than 1 row…in that case you will need to increase the height of the task bar to 2 rows (using drag and drop with your mouse).

Only 6 items pinned so that’s not the problem Hans.
No worries. Will keep playing with it

Hi Hans, Hi Paul.
Thanks for your input. Problem solved. I had used a program to get rid of the arrows on my desktop shortcut icons. This affected my jump list. Once I reinstated the arrows all good.
As they say, “Persistence wears down resistence”
Again thanks and avagoodday.

Good to read that you’ve solved it, Marty!

Great! Glad everything works at the moment, let us know if you have any more issues or questions.

Thank you,