Can I limit the number of past emails that eM downloads from the server

Is there a way to limit the number of past emails that em client downloads from the server.
Ideally I would like to downlaod only those emails which have arrived at my yahoo accoun in the last 24 hours.
thanks all

No - I am sorry but it is not possible.

Is this still not possible? This is a huge waste of space and bandwidth and time.

Does Yahoo have any option like that on their end?  Gmail lets you limit to as low as 1000 messages.

HI, I too would love to have that feature. 
I use windows mail app on my PC. 
It allows me to read emails that are not more than three days old. 
it unsync the older messages and save PC memory



HI all. I have a problem where it won’t download past 7 days? I need to get them all  How can I fix this; thank you for your help. Regards Patrick